# tags: headcanons; current dating; older!y/n; romance; lil little bit of funny; fluff; particular kisses and you can hugs; often reader try smol or has actually a beneficial babyface and since from that it she cannot appears to be on 3rd season or studies; sfw

  • includes: women audience legs. daichi sawamura, koushi sugawara, asahi azumane, yuu nishinoya, ryuunosuke tanaka & chikara ennoshita
  • region two

? Your actually never was right here, you considered forgotten, however you went on college or university and ask some body having instructions on gymnasium when it will be required.

? Thank Jesus, you noticed about three first decades have been just leaving the major building. Your greeted her or him and you will requested where you should check out fulfill brand new Karasuno volleyball cluster. You also remedied the hair on your head, cheerful sweetly. Więcej »