In order to prevent brand new series purchase effect regarding state-of-the-art categorization employment, we incorporated sizes having altered exposition purchase of your own complex categorization employment (show step 3 and 5 had been switched from inside the fifty% of instances).

Professionals was indeed enjoy inside the sets of around three to eight some one. The room are quiet and also the standards were ideal for concentrating on task.

I measured the fresh new effect some time and correctness regarding categorization of verbal stimuli on collection having advanced categorization (series step 3 and you will 5). The newest independent adjustable is actually brand new texture or inconsistency of your grammatical gender out-of terms and the gender classification (MEN/WOMEN) – for each stimulus is possibly Uniform (i.age., you will find a correspondence between its grammatical gender and also the gender classification displayed close to the lexical category) or Contradictory. Więcej »