That is amazing your tune in to that your particular 18-year-dated daughter is actually kissing some other lady at a party history week-end. What races through your notice? „O my personal gosh, she actually is exploring exact same-gender internet. She must be an excellent lesbian.”

Last, Mom and dad. You may be indicating how old you are. Chances are high, your own daughter’s maybe not fixed on the fairly more youthful blond she’s locking mouth area that have. There can be things completely some other and you will unexpected taking place.

„Lady making out with each other to make with the boys is actually the latest fad within highschool and you will college or university events,” depending on the online journal Health spa.

However don’t think they? Tune in to that it summer’s monster strike song, „We Kissed a woman” of the Katy Perry. It is a major international trend — topping new charts all the summer in the us, Canada, Australian continent and you can The united kingdom. A few weeks ago, Perry are a headliner during the Distorted audio festival at Canterbury Park into the Shakopee, belting out the song’s provocative lyrics:

Perry cagily holds you to the lady song is mostly about drunken curiosity from same-gender web sites. However, this lady audio films, featuring gyrating feamales in undies, is really designed to give the male libido good jolt. Więcej »