Certain researchers have suggested that monetary troubles for the reason that a keen ageing Hong-kong society is going to be dealt with from the guaranteeing center-old men and women to arrange for old-age. Hong-kong now has a low-statutory advice bundle, the Total Public Cover Direction System (CSSA), which provides means-examined basic passion benefits to the fresh needy, while the Necessary Provident Funds (MPF), which is a retirement scheme where companies and you will teams per lead no less than 5 % off an excellent worker’s month-to-month income to the fund.

New MPF and you may CSSA depend on a product one illustrates the brand new dominant commentary off old age into the Hong-kong, hence integrate a male-depending look at performs existence, repaid employment and settlement. During the the greatest, it gives to your shorter happy through a centralized delivery program. not, it doesn’t address the requirements of certain women that perform perhaps not undergo the fresh new prototypical phase out-of full-time a job right after which old-age. Furthermore, spouses are not entitled to a portion of their husbands’ or ex-husbands’ pros.

Many studies of one’s more mature and you can advancing years for the Hong-kong follow a theoretical framework that’s indifferent to ladies’ existence and you may experience. We advocate a parallel, in place of singular, tool from financial valuation and you can change. I think one to an alternative, feminist financial model should be an intention of feminist grant (Ho, 2007c). The new conclusions of my data complications best affair dating sites the brand new assumptions of your male-mainly based make of old age thought and you can emphasize the significance of ladies definitions away from wealth and you can impoverishment, showing that ladies’ retirement thought can not be separated from their techniques out of worry about. Więcej »