The term getting „you” into the Hungarian is actually „te”. It’s your own pronoun that is used to handle anyone your speaker knows better, such as for example a pal, loved one, or significant other. It can also be always target someone who are respected, including an instructor, mentor, otherwise authority figure. When addressing a small grouping of people, the fresh new plural means „ti” is utilized.

How do you say „in” from inside the Hungarian?

It term can be used in various things, similar to the phrase „in” can be used from inside the English. Such as for example, in ways „I am at home” or „The woman is regarding auto”.

„Benne” can also be used to indicate one to some thing is included otherwise contains inside something else entirely. By way of example, in a manner „The ebook is within the package” or „The trick is in the envelope”.

When included in conjunction with a period of time word, „benne” plays the definition away from „within”. Therefore, you can state „The latest appointment is actually half an hour” or „I am house during the five full minutes”.

Ultimately, „benne” could also be used to point direction toward one thing. Such as, in a manner „I’m going inside” or „Are in”.

How can you state „Hungarian” for the Hungarian?

Hungarian is a separate language with techniques. It’s unrelated to virtually any other big vocabulary family members, as well as nearest friends are Finnish and Estonian. It is very mostly of the dialects that have a dedicated situation system. Thus all keyword provides a certain conclude based on their part about sentence, including be it the subject or object.

Hungarian have fourteen cases in total – 4 more Finnish and you can Estonian. This may hunt challenging to help you learners, but in facts the excess cases make Hungarian a lot more versatile and you may expressive than simply its nearby relatives.

The brand new Hungarian term to have ‚Hungarian’ is actually magyar. That it word comes from title of the old Magyar anyone, have been the first one to accept on area that is now Hungary. Więcej »