Nowadays it’s hard to express what is actually causing the problems. One assumption I’m able to making is the fact that it’s a bug.

Tinders machines obtain billions of communications on a daily basis therefore it is no surprise that an insect can arise suddenly which could result in the interior applications to glitch.

This is certainly possibly the reason why you notice a notice stating you have got an email however you are not capable of seeing that information whenever starting the software.

When that notice suggests you have been delivered a note nevertheless will not be capable of seeing they for reasons uknown.

Should you ever receive a notification claiming you have got a note nevertheless can’t view it, it is most likely since match have blocked your quickly have they delivered your an email.

This is certainly common thus I would only always check if or not that person is still within email. Otherwise chances are they have unmatched your or maybe just erased their account.

Another reason the reason why this may be occurring could be down seriously to your own system link. Maybe not specifically your own internet access but your community connections as one. Więcej »