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step 3. Can the new prepositions serve as the brand new sources of a consistent verb (dahil > dinahilan) or a stative verb (good verb that makes reference to a state or standing in the place of a hobby, eg, batay > nababatay is all correct not dahil > *nadadahil.)?

4. How can we be aware that what exactly on number is prepositions? Decide to try them with the after the options that come with Tagalog prepositions. Render advice.

Bumili ako ng pansit para *ng bata. Bumili ako ng pansit para *ni B. Bumili ako ng pansit para *lorsque B. Bumili ako ng pansit para *ang bata.

Feature (ii).New quintissential Tagalog preposition was para (I understand there’s an identical about target vocabulary). It’s got two definitions:

(a) because the a good benefactor pi ang siyoktong para sa Inang (b) so you’re able to mean ‘into the like of’, such as: Con el fin de kay pi.

For the definition (a), the definition of can not be disrupted from the a noun phrase, just like the following advice tell you. And it is within this and thus i consider this while the an excellent preposition.

For the meaning (b), disturbance from the an interest phrase is invited, and also in it sense we consider this a good stative verb:

Con el fin de sa Inang ang siyoktong > *Para ang siyoktong sa Inang. Para kay Gran si Ben > Con el fin de si Ben kay Mayor

We wish to know if a so-called preposition try a genuine preposition, or if perhaps this is the brief particular an excellent stative verb.

5. We take to the characteristics towards the group of prepositions. Inside the Tagalog, all of them pursue choices (i). The fresh new dining table lower than suggests if they realize habits (ii) and you may (iii).

If we got recognized best, we could possibly not have gone through the latest disturbed a portion of the take action, given that number of interruptibles is actually a subset of your own inflectables. Więcej »