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Robot Seb: If you’re having trouble with chat in PM, odds are it’s not your setting but might be the other person’s settings as many have it set to „friends only”

If you’re having trouble in the main chatrooms, try clearing your cache and restarting the browser. If that doesn’t help try a different browser and hopefully that one will work.

Robot Seb: Hello again Jake! I’m Seb, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I checked out your profile to make sure everything is working properly which it is but I noticed a few things and can offer some tips on how to fix the situation. Hopefully it will help by giving you some ideas.

- Interaction with people that have similar interests is always a good thing! The more you interact with people that enjoy the same things as you do, the more people will respond back to you. I noticed you like music and to write songs which is a great form of self expression!

- Feel free to visit our music chatroom by clicking here: Chatroom: Music and you can discuss anything and everything related to music! You can find music sites all over the internet and as a musician, those are the ones you’ll enjoy most while interacting with others!

Typical, u know

- We also have a music forum located here: Topic: Music where you’re welcome to share your favorite songs on youtube by copying the youtube „Share” link and posting it to your threads. You can also post the songs you wrote which others can see and reply to if they are into that style of music!

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