Both men and women with Pakistani backgrounds apparently prefer spouses with the same nation history once the themselves. Of your own low-resident spouses, 52 per cent got Pakistani citizenship and you may 49 per cent was indeed unknown. The vast majority of not familiar citizenship did propably provides Pakistani citizenship; if it’s not methodically differences in among those having maybe not-recognized citizenship (pick Daugstad, forthcoming).

Turks partnered Norwegians in order to better the total amount

As with Pakistanis, Turks living in Norway apparently a giant extent so you’re able to e nation background given that themselves. However, there are more whom see a wife instead of a keen immigrant history. Of 1996 to 2004, residential Turkish people entered into 934 marriages. Of them marriage ceremonies, ten percent on it a Norwegian woman. 10 % hitched a woman having good Turkish record way of living during the Norway, and 76 per cent partnered a non-citizen lady.

Turkish females entered into the relationships with Norwegian boys inside huge stretch than simply Pakistani ladies did, during this time period. Off 1996 in order to 2004, six per cent of Turkish girls married an excellent Norwegian child. Seventy-seven % hitched a low-resident child. Brand new proportion you to definitely married a non-citizen partner was 3 out-of 4, each other by home-based Pakistani and you can Turkish someone.

There are way more Vietnamese guys than just women that entered towards the an excellent . The majority of women found a great Vietnamese spouse already citizen for the Norway on account of ese men, 35 percent performed an identical, just like the most (63 percent) hitched a low-citizen girl. Więcej »